Saturday, June 23, 2012

it's official... I have a partner (BeadSoup... that is..)

Greetings, and welcome to BEADSOUP 2012.  I have an official partner.

Everyone, please meet Marianne Baxter.  She is an accomplished Dichroic glass artisan.  I'm really excited to share our soup bowls of goodies and to see what we both come up with.  This will be fun - stay tuned.

reminder - the rules.  We both put together a mystery package of:
1. focal bead that must be used in an object de art (jewelry or otherwise)
2. clasp that must also be used
3. a few coordinating beads that don't have to be used

We photo the goodies we received and post here. 
We make something with our goodies and post for the world to view - our reveal date is: August 25th.

Stay tuned....

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