Thursday, June 28, 2012

ssssshhhhh, it's a secret.....

Can't tell you what, can't tell, when, can tell the who.....

BEAD SOUP update... Previous post mentioned my 2012 partner is Marianne Baxter.  She will soon receive her mystery package from me.  Lots of different goodies in there to challenge her creative spirit.  As I'm putting everything together I'm thinking... how would I mix and match these beauties and what would I make?.... Will be fun to see what she comes up with.  I like to include things I make, and did make a couple of things for her especially.

Have a great Summer Marianne - enjoy your package. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

it's official... I have a partner (BeadSoup... that is..)

Greetings, and welcome to BEADSOUP 2012.  I have an official partner.

Everyone, please meet Marianne Baxter.  She is an accomplished Dichroic glass artisan.  I'm really excited to share our soup bowls of goodies and to see what we both come up with.  This will be fun - stay tuned.

reminder - the rules.  We both put together a mystery package of:
1. focal bead that must be used in an object de art (jewelry or otherwise)
2. clasp that must also be used
3. a few coordinating beads that don't have to be used

We photo the goodies we received and post here. 
We make something with our goodies and post for the world to view - our reveal date is: August 25th.

Stay tuned....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My photo tips and (not so) secrets.....

(she asks herself...)  So, you think you are a photographer?  NOT - my work has been trial and error.  However I have found that I love the process and try and learn from my mistakes.  As a fellow customer/purchaser of gems and components I know what I look for in a good photograph, which better helps me make that all important purchasing decision...

The link below is of this pendant made and listed in  my Artfire store.  I have a blog in Artfire also where I described the who-what-when-where-why - and what angles work best.  This is listed there with all the photos of each angle.  If you are interested in more info - check it out - click the link below.  Thanks for looking.  Hey, I'm always wanting to learn so if you have suggestions for improvement - let me know...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Road Trip Challenge - and who doesn't love Vintaj?

Take your interpretation of “Summer Road Trip” and create an inspiring piece using Vintaj Natural Brass, Arte Metal and/or Artisan Copper! Submissions are due by NOON (CST) Friday, June 29. Voting will be open from July 2 – midnight July 6, with the Challenge Winner & Editor’s Pick posted on Monday, July 9.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Wow, soon and very soon... we will be meeting our partners - I'm so excited...I should be finding out who my partner is for this year on June 24th. woo hoo - can't wait...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why did I start making jewelry?

My mother and step mother passed 10 years ago.  Some of their jewelry items were interesting enough to be remade into other pieces of wearable art and it was a way for me to keep them in my memory.  Quickly I got the bug and started learning lots of different techniques - spreading myself way to thin, and buying way too much stuff.  It was fun and still is - this is the only hobby I've really stuck with.  As I look back at the photos of some older designs I am pleased to see how far I've come.  

Why do I love it ?  It's amazing that one pile of beads can be interpreted so many different ways, depending on the eye of the artist.   I also love it when someone else loves it enough to offer to buy it from me.  That is a great compliment.

Artfire has afforded me a reasonably priced place to show my work - just for fun.

Bead Soup 2011 - partner and jewelry made

Friday, June 15, 2012


<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Bead Soup Blog Party" src="> <br>

I just signed up for this year's bead soup (Lori Anderson).  It will be a blast again this year I am sure. 
What is bead soup?  Sign up, 2 persons are partnered, each send a clasp, focal bead and some coordinating beads.  Mandatory clasp and focal are used in some kind of art (usually jewelry), pictures are taken of the creation and posted on blogs all over the world, then we all go blog-hopping, to see what everyone created. Too fun - Check back often....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just for fun - PICMONKEY

I'm not too computer literate... but have had some fun with PICMONKEY, a program where you can edit photos.  This is my cat, Fred.  He is as funny as he looks - looks pretty good for 14 or so.  I'm doing a bit of pet sitting and decided to use him as my model - cute huh?