Sunday, July 29, 2012


What's all this about?  I spent the morning looking at Bead Soup Reval #1.  I always get inspired by others' work, and today was no exception.  Such great artists, presenters, writers, teachers - and I'm humbled to be among them.  Glad I gave myself lots of time to prepare for the last reveal.
In the meantime, I sewed around the ring in first picture and made a pretty cool looking bail. I'm pleased with the result.  I forgot to mention that I painted this little Vintaj pendant this week - have really had fun playing with color.  I used the Patina inks and some Alcohol ink,a bit with my dabbers,  and some other goodies.  Also finished with a nice Vintaj Glaze to keep everything intact.  Yummy colors, huh?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the anticipation is growing...Bead Soup

This weekend is the first of 3 reveal dates.  Are you excited too?  This year I really got on it and got-er-done.  Wish I would have chosen the first reveal date as I'm ready with time to spare.  No worries, will give me time to peruse all of the other wonderful designs.  tic-tic-tic... looking forward to it.

These gems make me joyful... NO THIS IS NOT MY bowl of BEADSOUP  - just  some EYE CANDY, on a styrofoam plate.  :-)  snicker....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not one but TWO lovely groups to choose from

My partner, Marianne Baxter, really read me well!  She provided so much inspiration with her fabulous handmade dichro beads.  This is a real stunner.  There is a groove around the outside edge - and she provided me with copper wire too.  I have always wanted to wire wrap in the "ditch" so now is my chance.  Both of these glass pieces are works of art in themselves and I don't want to busy them up.  This will be a fun challenge to work up something beautiful. Good thing there is lots of time.

Our reveal dates are:  August 25th.  Come on back and check on the progress.  TWO pictures listed here, one of the detail of the focal.  Amazing colors.

My FIRST Soup - what I got from my fabulous partner

Enjoy drueling at my wonderful stash.  A GORGEOUS hand made dicroic pendant and lot of lovely companion beads.  I hope to try something new with this first set - we shall see.  I got 2 sets so have much to choose from.  She read me well (looking at blogs really helps) and caught that I really love to wire wrap, love bright colors and she provided lots of excitement to create.   I'm already thinking.....