Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Third Reveal - Bead Soup

Greetings BS travellers.  Scroll down to see what I got from my very generous partner Karla Morgan .  Since I'm a very busy pet sitter I chose the last date, and got started on my project early, and it's a good thing as I would have run out of time.  I would have liked to use all of her fabulous beads, but alas my dogs require my attention.  Lots of future design possibilities with the leftovers.

My first idea flopped - right out of the gate with a mistake.  I wanted to do a wire wrapped frame around the gorgeous focal (jasper or agate) I chose to use.  My wire cracked/chipped the top drilled hole in the corner so I cut it off and had to start over.  I decided to use the Tiger Eye chips and "sew" them using fine Softflex beading wire twice. This idea totally covered up the crack and actually gave me more symmetry  and seemed to tie things together more. I sewed the chips to cover the top once around the front and then again around  the back.  Where there's a will.... (usually ) there's a way.  I really like the way it turned out too.  My 2nd mistake was in editing pictures.  Can't believe I spelled neclace wrong - please substitute necklace.  duh

I'm always amazed at what detail people come up with.  I'm kind of a simple gal and prefer varied textures, colors and shapes.  Here's my finished piece and I love it at 18" long, just perfect for me.
I used Karlas focal and clasp in this neclace plus some of her chips, quartz squares and Tiger Eye rectangles. The back neck beads are a very cool and colorful seed bead that I just love, had on hand and were the perfect finish complementing the colors so well.   I live in Arizona so these reds really speak to me.

Bracelet:  Karla sent me 6 beautiful  oval 15cm jasper rocks and it just so happened that I had some very similar smaller faceted beads that worked great to compliment.  My copper Tierra Cast toggle really pulled these shapes togther.  I followed the theme somewhat with 10mm Quartz faceted rounds sandwitched with 18 mini copper wire wrapped beadies.  Different sizes, colors and shapes helped thrill me even more.  It's the little things, right?  My copper balls helped the wire spin and swirl around the softflex. Feels great on the wrist.

Everybody loves earrings, and I'm one of those nuts that like to sorta match.  Enough leftovers in this soup to whip up 2 pairs to be worn whenever the mood strikes me.  Shall I wear a single drop (matching the big beads in the bracelet) or shall I go for the triple whammie..... hmmmmm. you decide.

Today I wore my necklace in to Kohls, and the checker complimented me on my necklace.  Was so nice to thank her and tell her I made it myself.   Enjoy the rest of your BS journey.  Thank you so much Karla, I love my new wearables.