Friday, February 17, 2017

Anticipation. Bead Soupers, tic tic tic... the clock keeps ticking....

In anticipation of my package arrival next Tuesday from my Bead Soup partner Christine, I have been practicing new ideas, techniques.  Crocheting and knitting have never come easy to me (too tight in the shoulders, too cramped in the hands and too challenging to read and figure out the patterns, stitches, etc).  This year I did successfully finish a couple of dish rags that cheer up my kitchen.  Since I have mastered the chain stitch and since I do have a lot of (cheapy) colorful beads (and am still trying to reduce my stash) I decided to make a couple of long strings of beads and use as necklaces or whatever.  Here is my finished product, picture taken on a South facing sunny day, through the window.  Lucky me.

Color wheel was just that.  I used my color wheel to artfully string on beads that were close to the color wheel pattern in the correct order, and single crocheted each into place, one at a time.  I had a different size hook than pattern called for so in no time at all I used up all the white yarn.  Oh well, you can still wrap it twice around neck and use button closure.

Then I went for my RED stash - love these 2 colors together.  GREEN cord was a left over from another (unfinished) project, so I went to town on that one too.  Am happy with the way they turned out - love all the different colors, shapes, sizes of beads in each necklace.  I leave them in my south facing window and watch the sun shine on each - brings me a little joy (and I actually finished something... yea.)

Enjoy your sunny day, where ever you are.

Joyfully yours

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