Saturday, January 7, 2017

What to do with coloring book pages?

Last year was the year of trying new things.  I started creating pages in adult coloring books.  As people found out this was an interest of mine I was gifted more books, coloring pencils, etc.  This year I have tried to figure out what to do with some of these fun pages.  Four bookmarks later, the result.  All are different, and could be used as greeting cards (with your favorite message) or perhaps earring cards for gifting (earrings can be attached inside of the card).  It is joined at the top and opens to mark your spot in your favorite book.  My hubby said with a grin, "what's a book", as most reading is done online or Kindle. These are fun to make with no pattern,  and I'm trying to exercise my artistic skills, teaching new ways to use color and shade.  Lots of free materials out there on Pinterest.

Cut to size card making heavy stock in complimentary colors
Round the corners
Find small ribbon to tie it all together at the top
Hole punch top (try to center it) (or glue together)
Top paper colored original is glued to the top sheet of colored paper with Beacon 3 in 1 glue
You can open up this card and write your own message, inspiration, thought or mantra for the day

So fun to make, and every time the giftee picks up a book, they will think of you, the gifter.

Just a thought for today...

a joyful gem for you....

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