Tuesday, March 9, 2021

 Greetings fellow soupers.  Thank you Lori for such a fabulous event.  You did a perfect job matching partners.  Jill Bradley and I have become new long distance friends and have really enjoyed our partnership.  Our exchange was made early so we both had lots of time to create many beautiful items.

Click on pics for a bigger view.

My goals are pretty much the same in this soup as others I've participated in, however my skills are a little rusty so there were some challenges.  Overall I'm satisfied.  Here are my pieces.

First pass. I made a tassel using Jill's lovely silk.  The silver toned large hole bead was a perfect fit, then I added/stacked 3 silver toned bead roundels and wire wrapped them all with vintage brass wire - 2 toned effect.  I made a necklace out of this weird greasy leather I had on hand, but didn't like the result......

So back to the drawing board, or rather Joanns to pick up some nice chain to better tie it together.  Much nicer look, I think.  It can be worn short or long.

One of my goals was to try and use what you already have.

I LOVE this little happy owl.  My challenge here was to wrangle the leather, make a wire wrapped clap.  I used some of Jill's lovely tan lamp work beads, her amber glass, mixed with some of my amber/green Czech. glass and then some brass spacers here and there.  I love how the owl floats on the branch (also brass that I had in my stash).  I had just enough beads leftover to make a stretch bracelet and decided this owl needed buddies.... 
Meet the Buddies......One of my favorite mediums is metal, Vintaj paints, embossing and glaze so I made 2 goofy little owls to hang out with the necklace owl.  These guys are different on purpose.  The one on the right is hanging out in the blue clouds and the one on the left is crouching in the grass.  Just a little expression of my quirky side.  This really is the very last set of green Czech. beads as I had just enough to finish.  These were painted to hopefully match the necklace, using blue, green (2 shades) 2 shades yellow and some brown - started with a base of white and some brass still showing.  These are fun guys I'll enjoy wearing.

Same day I was able to use all of Jill's wonderful silver pieces to make this fun, lightweight and sweet pair of earrings.  Just in time for Spring. 

Following the rules, this is the silver toggle clasp I was to use.  Along with this I added more silver components provided by Jill.  I had these dancing pearls and just enough fine Softflex beading wire, so this was a quick little project.  

 Back side view.......Coloring Outside the Lines.... 

FRONT VIEW:  I love wire wrapping.  My inspiration for this piece all began with the glass bead at the bottom, wire wrapped.  I decided to made this bead my focal for this piece.  I call this one.... COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINES... It's thick and can be worn either side out.  Lots of copper, blue beads (provided by Jill) and a few blues and blacks of my own.  I'm a cobalt nut so this was very nice to make.  I decided to do a bit extra with the heavy wire and made the Y hook.   I love the blue and copper combo.

Finished piece.  Lots of wire wrapping.  I made the clasp, and added a bit of wire to the y. I'm very pleased with this one.  And then, of course... earrings to match. 

So you may have noticed a theme - Lots of blues in this stash.  I LOVE blue, so I'm good with that.  These lamp work beads are lovely.  I had a couple of rings that were a bit worn, so I used my Ranger (Vintaj) patina paint to spiff  just a bit.  Everything turned out perfect, and the space between the wire wrap and 2mm copper ball is intentional.  

Next - a NeCklace.....  Jill sent me this silver leaf - very nice, but I decided to punch holes at the base and add some dangles.  Turned out ok.

Here is the finished piece - I love this one.  I was able to use more of her crystals, some silver rondells and a strand of mixed stones that I got when I used to work at a bead store years ago.  I really love the finished piece.  So fun and the oranges really pop. 

No, we're not finished yet....

This is a skill I learned from buying a kit from Kellies Bead Boutique  in Canada.  I was thrilled to make another and Jill's crystals were the perfect size.  All beads are knotted and then a dab of glue on the C-lon (to prevent knots from coming undone)  Leather is always a challenge for me - but this worked out great and a dab of glue on the leather knots helped too.
Jill gave me this beautiful charm, flower and I just had to add it here.  

Earrings made to match with a big ring at the bottom.  

No, I'm not done yet.... breathe.   

Jill sent this beautiful silk.  I'll admit I'm silk challenged too.  However I do like wire and saw the perfect opportunity to marry the 2 in a fun combo.  I made the silk wrapped bead using a heavy copper - 14 g - as a base, wrapped wire around that, then started wrapping the silk to hide the wire.  Fat in the middle and thinner on the edges.  Then 2 or 3 wraps of copper wire with a mix of copper 2mm balls, some seeds and more copper wire to hold it all together.  There's one lampwork bead at the bottom for interest and of course just enough silk to "tie" it all together - slips over my head perfectly - no clasp required.  

Last piece, I promise.  Whew.  I stared at all these beads, lots of pictures online trying to get a feel, and idea and after 3 days it came to me.  make a wire bangle.  So here it is.  All of the lampwork that was leftover from other projects were used here.  I made a base of heavy sterling and then made 2 spirals of copper wire.  I had only one sterling Bali bead and it fit perfectly.  All the bead caps came from Connie Foxes store that I purchased years ago, and they fit on the heavy wire.  Little beadies came from Jill as did the gorgeous butterfly charm. The clasp was hand wrought by me and it really fits well.  There is just the right amount of movement  (of the beads - just for fun) and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.   

The End. (but really it's just the beginning) .

I have quit beading/jewelry making - several times, but have been at this addiction since 2002.  Of course when you quit something, you usually give stuff away (which I have done - at least twice).  SO, here we go again.  Quarantine and unemployment has provided extra time and this has been really fun.  Thank you all again, especially Lori for coordinating this event.  



  1. Hi Joyce, Using the silk cording as a tassel is something I wouldn't have thought of but it goes really well with the focal bead. The cobalt wirewrapped necklace is my favorite. The dangles on the bottom of the silver leaf finish it perfectly and with all of the colors used in the chain it would go with lots of clothing.

  2. the owls pieces have to be my favorites!! Looks like you got a great stash of beads in this swap!

  3. You made so many pieces... and they're all simply gorgeous!! Beautiful work!

  4. Wow, Joyce, you really were able to make your soup go so far! I'ma big fan of using Vintaj Patinas too so I love that you incorporated some of that into this mix. And, I've been hesitating on getting one of Kellie's kits, but you absolutely make me want to bite the bullet and get one. Anyway, you really ended up with so many nice pieces. Great job!

  5. These are all wonderful. I would love to learn how you made your leather ends. The wire-wrapped pendant -- I know how much work that was! Thank you so much for participating!

  6. The copper lamp work bead earrings are my fave - all are beautiful!

  7. You made so many pieces using lots of techniques. I hope you bead more often now.